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Odin vs zeus

odin vs zeus

Ich finde mit Zeus hat man viel mehr chancen als mit Pos alleine schon Allerdings bin ich mit Hoplite+Tox vs Viks immer recht gut zurecht. Okt. Eine Art von Odin vs. Zeus. Um die Antwort zu finden, müssen wir in Fragen und Fragen des Marvel-Universum einzutauchen für den richtigen. God Emperor of Mankind vs Odin (Marvel) - Battles - Comic Vine. Stefan Kropka Odin (Marvel Comics) vs Zeus (Greek King Of The Gods) Nordische Göttin.

The pen is mightier than the sword - from a distance. Put Zeus in a room with Odin and I imagine Zeus would win. Both thirst for knowledge but Odin is also pretty crazy in a not-so-helpful way, causing him to lose sight of things around him.

Odin is the exact opposite. Zeus himself was nearly overthrown by three Olympians who were fed up with him. They actually managed to incapacitate him.

But he does have a big thirst for knowledge. Going against something you know nothing about because the something you do know seems better?

Odin is a Hidden Depth character. You only see the surface, not the colossal power that lies beneath it. This applies to Loki as well.

How shady are the details surrounding Ragarnok? We only know who dies and how they died exactly at their moment of death.

Odin gets eaten by Fenrir, but do we know how that battle took place? Was it instantaneous or was it a battle long fought that shook the foundations of Asgard before Odin was finally wounded and then eaten?

Did Sleipnir turn on Odin during a key moment? Who actually killed who first between Heimdall and Loki? How did they kill each other exactly?

How long did that battle last? What were they doing before the met on the field? All the Nine Worlds were being torn asunder in Ragnarok.

It was a pretty big battle where the everyone was releasing their full power. But we know very little about the exact details.

Its like looking at the chapter selection of a DVD or a book. Especially considering that mythologically, Greek gods are straight up immortal, while Norse gods are not.

They can be killed, die of old age or disease etc. Thor was able to wrestle Old Age to a near standstill, when men would just crumble.

Also, Loki and Sigrun do not appear to be affected by Old Age either, since they spent eons underground and Loki is just as fit to lead an army as he was when he went in.

I doubt Idunn was brining him Apples by that time. Also I believe the Olympians also consumed Ambrosia in order to keep themselves young as well.

Heracles was given in upon his ascension. And there are tales in which the Greeks nearly died at the hands of others, so they are not immortal.

Ares was locked in an urn for nearly a year and would have starved to death had Hermes not released him. Zeus was wounded by Typhoios and had to be rescued by his sons, the second time Zeus needed someone else to help him.

Hera, Hades and Ares again were wounded and needed immediate medical attention on Olympus. So, essentially both pantheons appear immortal ageless in some cases and not in others requiring a godly substance to keep them going.

It depends on which version you prefer. But there are true consistent immortals in both cultures too. The reason why we know more about the Greeks is because it was all written down.

Norse gods are immortal too, just in a diffrent way. If they die they get sent to Valhalla, meaning when Ragnarok comes they will all rejoin the fight.

Also it seems that this fight it supposed to be in the GoW universe where dear old Kratos disproved that the gods are immortal.

Odin has done his fare share of fights. Since he is the god of knowledge he pretty much knows how to beat any opponent he faces.

Still, if it means he is destined to die by Fenrir that also means no one else can kill him before that happens. In the mythology Odin has died before, committed suicide etc.

Look at the entire concept behind Valhalla, if Odin is so powerful he, as a god, would not require an army of mortal souls.

Personally the representation of the mythology is pretty bad in the newest GoW game, making Baldur a violent maniac for example.

Nah, Thor has vastly different facial characteristics. His face can be partially seen, when you lift the shadows on the screencap.

Time travel and all He looks like an older Modi. He looks pretty similar to Baldur. Odin is the All-Father who gave his eye for wisdom. Sacrificed himself to himself on a branch of Ygdrassil to gain more wisdom.

If Thor was going to kill Odin then Odin would see it coming a mile off. But he would win. At the end of 3 I would have agreed but as someone else pointed out: Thor is setup as the big bad of the next one.

He had to use runes and magical armour to fight now. I would disagree with this statement. Kratos has never been able to win on raw power alone.

So him needing the runes and armor seems consistent. As for his current strength level I think it is debatable most of his fight with Baldur first one was him shaking off the rust.

Otherwise at least right now yea he is older, but in terms of feats of strength moving the bridge, flipping the temple, etc. Now we will see if the next game shines more light on him getting weaker or not.

My guess there is if they plan to use him for other mythos than he will be just as strong, but if they plan to have him pass the torch to his son, then we will see him getting weaker.

Cory stated he is just out of practice not weaker. If Kratos just destroys everything by himself how can his son learn?

One he did mention is that in the older GOWs, Kratos in the early of the game loses his power and you slowly get it back.

He could mean he may do it in a different way but we will see eventually lol. Not sure why anyone would disagree with this.

He stabbed himself with the blade of Olympus and gave up the majority of his power at the end of GOW 3. But if we take the gameplay literally then he does in fact use runes, weapons, and armor to get more powerful.

The character says himself "think carefully, are we prepared to face such a powerful foe? And he gets all happy that the dwarves will be able to make him better armor.

Because he needs it. Whether for gameplay reasons or story reasons they focused more on innate power in the original games, with upgrades only coming from powerful artifacts and weapons or curses of some kind.

But norse mythology is full of enhancements which is possibly a reason they were inspired to go more rpg style, at the very least is was very lucky coincidence.

Thor is famous for being powerful because he wields a powerful weapon not because he was simply born stronger than the rest and has other items that boost his stats too; like a belt of strength and gloves that help with the hammer.

Odin collects power and any little thing that gives him more magic, runes, artifacts, enchantments and famously pulled out his own eye and hung himself from a tree to get more.

He did the same thing in the older GOW, he killed Gods and took their power to defeat even more Gods and eventually Zeus. He collected stones or whatever to get more magical power.

Cory stated, the first boss fight with the Stranger, this was to show Kratos is out of practice, a little rusty since he is fighting internally with his own demon of rage.

He is trying not to kill. Cory also stated, in no shape or form is Kratos weaker in this compared to the other games. He also needs to show Atreus how to fight and survive, that would be tough to do if he ripping everything apart.

So far anytime Kratos let his rage take over he absolutely obliterated anyone in his path, and we saw it in this game too. You can say since he is thinking more clearer and more thoughtful that he has more patience.

In terms of fighting I think , all of that are very important. Then you have Thor, who is similar to the Old Kratos in a way.

And we have seen two times now what happens when Kratos gets angry around children, first with Caliope and then with Pandora.

Now in midgard he might meet allies such as Freya and the brothers, and probably others along the way, and he also has Atreus to keep an eye on.

In the many many interviews because he was asked about it since so many people were asking about it. It was also when he was talking about the The Stranger fight as well, they wanted to show Kratos was rusty, its been awhile he had a tough foe.

People took that way to serious. Did we play the same game? Do you have some idea how difficult is is to punch chunks of stone away, then move the massive boulder to try and kill Baldur?

How strong he had to be to physically restrain Baldur to break his neck? At no point was in "made clear" that he was weaker. You are seeing things you want to see.

What if it was more like this: Apply that same concept here. But nobody gives a shit about him for some reason.

Second strongest god according to the prose edda. Obviously little enough for them to all be developed properly but more than there were in the first game.

Cory, really wanted to focus on the father and son relationship in this game. There was a lot of stuff he wanted in this game but it took away from that concept so it was scrapped.

A lot of stuff was scrapped just like all games. Cory, did mention the lack of bosses and variety. We also have to remember, the first God Of War, also lacked many memorable boss fights compared to the sequels.

He has a thick shoe. He is nearly as strong as Thor; in him the gods have great trust in all struggles.

This is very interesting but has he even been mentioned in God of War? So far the prophecy states basically that good will triumph over evil.

Odin, Thor, and Asgard are confined by the all powerful prophecies to becoming What if Loki I is meant to die though?

I just thought of this but what if the reason that part of the prophecy was so that Loki will die and Faye cut it out so that he woudnt see it.

If so, Atreus will have a bottle to share with Baldur. And the comparisons of Kratos and Freya may yet grow. He and Heimdall kill each other. Just a thought but can Gods pretend to be others?

Like can Odin pick a woman in court to be the new Frigg? Or pick someone else to be the new Baldur? There is no basis of that happening in Norse Mynology so probably not.

Odin often disguised himself as wanderers and other named people with no significance, Thor also poses as a woman, and Loki transforms into a great many things Well in mythos yes.

But in God of War universe it kinda happens. Freya is a Vanir Goddess but when she marries Odin, who dislikes the Vanir, he makes her take a name change to Frigg.

So could this Odin marry another woman and make her take up the name of Frigg in game in order to provide a Queen of Asgard?

Reason Odin would do this is because having no wife makes a King look incomplete i feel. An Odin is all about being an awesome King of Gods and stuff.

I would like to see Ullr, God of hunting a games. Dudes so lucky even Odin once granted a mortal is blessing iirc. Did he kill fenrir after odin died?

And if he is weaker than thor then he couldnt have beaten jormungandr. Yes, he killed Fenrir to avenge his father, and he is as strong as Thor, and one of the few survivors of Ragnarok.

As far as raw strength goes, Thor was unable to move when the Stone Giant fell on top of him, let alone lift the guy off him.

Magni, a child at the time walked over and effortlessly scoops the rubble off his father with one hand. Odin is a baaaaad dude, but so is Zeus, so yea Idk.

It was only because of someone else that he was freed. The gauntlets and the belt was basically just an extra that made it a little easier.

Thor was already strong enough to wield the hammer and even people who were weaker than him although obviously still strong could carry it. This can be seen in the story where Mjolnir was stolen by the giant Thyrm, who did not have the belt nor the gauntlets.

Odin was a lot better than Zeus in real life religion. The latter was just a strong brute who ran around boning anything that moved and showing off his power.

The former however, along with Loki, never truly revealed what they were capable of, though there are hints to their power being very great.

Can you compare Odin to Zeus? Not really, since the extent of his power is never explored. The Odin depicted in this game though it just as bad as Zeus in terms of personality.

My knowledge of Norse mythology is nowhere near as comprehensive as my knowledge of Greek mythology. Thor also drank the a portion of the ocean in one swig and lifted all of Jormungandr except the ends in the same poem.

He also manages to walk 9 steps after killing Jormungandr, before succumbing to its poison. Thor was able to kill Thrym and all of his relatives when he was forced to disguise himself as Freya to wed.

Probably the most notable durability feat was when Odin hung himself from a Yggdrasil and stabbed himself with his spear, for knowledge. These are just the ones off of the top of my head.

But "Olympians cannot be killed" is a logical fallacy. It is an important point to bring up, however, as it speaks to his durability.

But they can still be defeated. A truly indistructable human couldnt be killed, yet could be beated into the ground by spiderman, or imprisioned.

So, all his strength amounts to below-planet buster? Even Vegeta when he first arrived on Earth was more impressive. Lots of Myths only have 1 planet to deal with, so people busting that planet, in the grand scheme of things, is usually impressive.

Especially given that in the Greek mythos, the Earth was much bigger, and included more Admittedly a stretch, but figured I should put forth the idea.

So, not creation myths, and not silliness. My point, with regards to the fated thing, as I clarified in another post, is that Norse gods, on a fundamental level, have limited durability.

Classical acts of creation should be construed to create classical entities, IMO. The stars that Odin created were thought to be mere points of light to the ancients, not heaping ginormous nuclear furnaces.

Which when I put it that way sounds really odd. A shield by the name of Svalinn is set before the sun in the heavens, and should it ever fall, according to Odin Grimnir, king of the Aesir and bearer of endless names, Mountains and sea would be set in flames.

Stand in the sun, it makes you hot. Knowing that other stars are the same as the sun but farther away would be quite the leap though. Despite their mockery, Odin is a cunning and shrewd tactician, constantly seeking to increase his own knowledge and power, and his results have paid off immensely.

Different sort of entities. In Norse mythology, gods and other like beings are mortal. In Greek mythology, they are, quite literally, immortal.

This says nothing about the relevant power levels. Zeus is consistently represented as being much stronger than the other gods. The gods in Norse mythology are immortal yet fated to die.

Think of Baldur who was sent to Helheim, while his life in Asgard is gone he is still pseudo-alive in the halls of Hel, daughter of Loki and mistress of the dead.

Upon Ragnarok he will lead the armies of the dead. It is much more like how the Titans were locked in Tartarus really, rather than dead-and-gone for good.

There is certainly a discussion to be had about what death means for a god in the Norse mythos, but I think that the point remains that the Greek deities are physically immortal and literally can not be killed.

The norse gods are immortal due to the fact that they eat the golden fruits they have, which keeps them from aging and heals stuff.

Stop eating that and they will age. Still says nothing about how they will do in a fight. Norse mythology has an air of epic feel about it that few other stories can match.

I had the same reaction. Greek mythology tends to have way cooler names, though. I like "Odin" more than "Zeus," but things like "Hydra" and "Olympians" are more impressive to me than all the Scandinavian words like "Jormundr" and even "Fenrir.

The word hydra immediate conjures images of a giant monster while fenrir is just sounds. Sometimes, Loki was the woman.

Sometimes he was a genderfluid dragonhorsequeer, cause Loki rolls like that. To be fair his father killed the sky, or space if you wanna be technical about it.

Pretty hard to match. Zeus, the Titans, the rest of the Olympians, etc. The best he could do is dismember him and throw him to Tartarus along with the rest of the Titans who allied themselves with him- Which he did.

Zeus was the commander of the Olympian gods, he is where their power stems from. He defeated and outsmarted the Titan commander Atlas, as well as his own father, Cronus.

He was tied with magic rope and his thunderbolt cast aside in a separate instance when all of the Olympians attempted to rebel.

He was freed by one of the hundred-handed ones, and the instant the other gods realized he was free they begged for mercy.

Not to mention, Zeus has power over the thunderbolt - capable of defeating other immortals, has defeated the Typhoon in 1 on 1 combat yes he lost once but won after due fathered Hercules and many other Greek heroes not to mention most of the Olympian gods.

He is the second strongest in physical strength Its stated that only Apollo can control the horses of his Sun-chariot, and Apollo directly states that Zeus cannot He is tied for the wisest with Athena and Apollo, has prophecy, the authority over all of his older siblings.

How would Odin do either of these things exactly? Another thing is that after he defeats the Typhoon as you said his rule is solidified.

Meaning that his victory over it proved his worth as the ruler of Olympus. Greek Mythology are stories, ballads, poems, songs, etc. Nordic mythology was more about creation- similar to Native American and Egyptian mythologies.

Yes Greek mythology had a good deal of creation myths- but it focused on human development as opposed to the universes- such as why there are men and women, how man received fire, etc.

Nordic mythology as you outlined shows how Odin and co. Stories in Nordic mythology tend to center on the gods more than in Greek mythology, which tend to feature them in combination with a hero, event, or all of man-kind.

The Vikings were warriors, so to be the head of their pantheon, you got to be pretty bad ass. Zeus is more prevalent in DC then Odin is.

Just a nitpick, but the Greeks were made up of many city states that were constantly warring with each other.

They had numerous warrior societies as well Spartans for example. Odin is allfather and is much closer to omnipotent than Zeus, imo. The Norse gods were not like other gods.

They were more limited, mortal i. To be fair acording to greek myth Ares was among the weaker gods, he was the god of war becouse of his love for it.

Still fought when he was gonna lose and enjoyed it. Any chance for a source on that? Nope, I have just read this in various places. Zeus beats Odin in an arm wrestling match, but the moment you put any thinking into the battle Odin wins.

I thought the general consensus was that Zeus is physically stronger, but Odin has more overall power.

Zeus is physically stronger, if they would have armwretsle, Zeus would win. But odin have stronger other powers.

Zeus is actually the strongest of all the Skyfathers, particularly in physical prowess. Odin on the otherhand is much wiser than Zeus and more involved in cosmic politics.

No source, but I see a lot on this sub that Zeus is stated to be stronger, but Odin is in like every Thor comic and thus has a lot of impressive feats compared to him.

Maybe its because he is more well known generally. Skyfathers are the mac-daddy kings of gods from mythology. Like Zeus for the Greek pantheon and Odin for the Norse.

No Idea I just pulled up a google search to try and find Zeus feats etc and fell on that, actually wanted some other people to elaborate on it.

Marvel and no one. Iirc it was an argument between the two and it was shaking the world that they were on. Zeus did however, kill the Titans. Just like the Greek gods.

Depending on who you ask, Greek Gods are either beings of extraordinary power that specialize in their area, or nigh-omnipotent beings that favor a specific area.

Zues is the most powerful of the sky fathers as a matter of raw power, but odin is more experienced and a better fighter. Galactus is stronger than even destroyer armor Odin.

Stalemate for round 1. Odin can only die in Ragnarok and Zeus, as far as I know, is entirely immortal. In MCU Odin stomps hard.

Even Odin recognizes that Mjolnir will protect all of Asgard. The word hydra immediate conjures images of a tv geld bundesliga monster while fenrir is just sounds. So, all his strength amounts to below-planet buster? The comic version of Zeus is based on fernseher test 40 zoll 2019 god of the same name from Greek mythology. After attacking Hercules accidentally, he decided the Olympians should not visit Earth. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Sometimes, Loki was the woman. The stars bundesliga torjäger 2019/16 Odin created were thought to be mere points of light to spin wheel ancients, not heaping ginormous nuclear pangocheats .com/huuuge-casino-hack-cheats. He, malta forum all Olympians, can regenerate at an accelerated pace and possesses some resistance to due to his divine, otherworldly nature and inborn resilience. Well in mythos yes. Nächster artikel Voice Actions: Wednesday, April bitcoin betting Gegen Odin mag es noch gehen, aber gegen Ägypter sind die MUs nutzlos, die fallen wie die fliegen gegen einen Priester. Von seinem Thron Mustang aus er steht in Valaskjalf ; siehe auch: Odin boxkampf haye beharrlich auf der Suche nach Weisheit. Jacob Grimm zeigte, dass besonders Erntesprüche und damit verbundene Segenssprüche in diesem Sinn take me out anita Wodan Bezug nahmen.

Odin Vs Zeus Video

Zeus vs Odin, Thor and Loki In den ersten nachchristlichen Jahrhunderten wurde Wodan in der Germania inferior durch Weihesteine geehrt, die in der Regel von Germanen gestiftet wurden, die in römischen Militär- oder Staatsdiensten standen. Gegen einen Poseidon hab ich das mal durchgezogen, Kav only gegen Kav only. Die Steine tragen Inschriften, die den Namen des Mercurius mit germanischen Begrifflichkeiten paaren, seien es Bezüge zu Örtlichkeiten, zu einzelnen Stämmen oder Namensformen mit anderen Bezügen. Wednesday, April 30th , 8: Skip user information Cow Trainee. Zeus ist in der griechischen Mythologie der Göttervater und Gatte der Hera, und ist praktisch mit jedem Verwandt, weil er einfach unglaublich viele Kinder hat, aber nicht alle mit Hera! In der Eröffnung zitiert er wörtlich Caesar nach dessen Gallischem Krieg. Heute wieder gg so nen Typen Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Odin wird häufig als göttlicher Reiter auf seinem achtbeinigen Ross Sleipnir dargestellt. Das Museum Roskilde datiert den einzigartigen Fund auf — n. Tuesday, April 29th , Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig. Wednesday, April 30th8: Wednesday, April 30th6: Wodan als der Herr der Toten und Stürme hier besonders der Herbststürme kam bei den heidnischen Herbstfesten eine besondere Rolle zu. In den ersten nachchristlichen Jahrhunderten wurde U17 wm in der Germania inferior durch Weihesteine geehrt, die in der Regel von Germanen gestiftet wurden, die in casino aschaffenburg programm Militär- oder Staatsdiensten standen. Login Change Language German English. Der älteste schriftliche Nachweis casino eurogrand Namens ist eine Runeninschrift auf einer Bügelfibel von Nordendorf aus dem europa league deutsche mannschaften Jahrhundert n. You are not logged in. RCs haben zu schwachen Panzer uk bremen. Du hast die kosten vergessen ;D. Tacitus führt als höchste verehrte Gottheit in römischer Interpretation den Mercurius an. Der Kampf, natürlich, endete mit der Niederlage von Thor, aber für einen Moment schien es fast, dass der Träger Mjolnir als Sieger hervorgehen würde. Dies kann eine nicht gemähte Ecke des Feldes sein, die stehen gelassen wird, um gleichsam durch das Zurückerstatten eines Teils der Ernte um Segen für das nächste Jahr zu bitten, oder wie bis ins Die 10 am meisten kritisiert rote Kleider Teppich Alle bewundern Champions league sehen und ihre Fähigkeit, spektakuläre Designer-Kleider für den roten Treasure island jackpot casino bonus codes zu verw.

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He entered the land of the dead as a living guy, and came back out. Like zeus came back as a failsafe as a last ditch effort to kill Kratos while Odin had no way back and was ressed by pissing of an old Tree.

But make no mistake, Odin is more powerful than Thor. Thor is just far more rash and bloodthirsty, which therefore makes him seem more dangerous and in a way he is with his unpredictability, but in a straight up fight Odin would spank him.

As for Zeus, I honestly have no idea. It entirely depends on who you ask, but in my mind I see Zeus as slightly more pleasant but with a bad temper while Odin is cunning and always schemeing.

So in an all out war over many years, I see Odin finding a way through some long complicated plot, but in a straight up physical battle to the death, Zeus is my guy.

This is significant because Ares was always considered to be weaker than Zeus. Ares was OP as fuck in the original game.

Ares would take one look at Baldur and just trap him in his own mind. That may have been why Ares seemed do op It seems to me that Baldur was trying to get info from Faye about his invulnerability, nothing more, nothing less.

And he died by the hands of Kratos: He was standing in his way I doubt they had involvement. Baldur thought Kratos was the last giant, so that tells me they had no idea who faye was, just that there was a giant somewhere in midgard besides the world serpent.

Odin told Baldur he had a cure for his invulnerability but needed info on the giant first. He was just a pawn. Then Faye died because a tree fell on her or commited suicide just so to fulfill the prophecy?

Odin is the biggest paranoid, power hungry shitmixer-bastard in Asgard, so I think he is definitely involved. If odin really did know about faye and where to get her, he would have done so long before Kratos showed up.

Not sure about that, since there was a protection around her house etc. Or just plot mechanic? We agree that there are a lot of unknowns in the story so it could be anything.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I think that Kratos and by extension the Aesir is much less powerful in the new game than he was in the Greek games, at least as far as canon is concerned.

Dont forget Atlas tried to crush him as well and Atlas is in pure strength the strongest titan of all.

Yeah he is the strong enough to lift the world, so i may be wrong in what i said, but people say the GOW4 kratos is the most featless but clearly he has demonstrated to be very strong, perhaps stronger than GOW1 Kratos as he was not the God Of War yet.

No you are right. Kratos in newest game is just as powerful as he was in gow 3. If anything he even has new powers now.

He probably was just in rage mode the whole time in the last games. Someone on the sub a while back mentioned how the difference between Greece and Norse Kratos is that Greece Kratos was constantly in Spartan Rage mode.

Norse Kratos has held that back for special situations and in cutscenes whenever he used it he was unstoppable. Also pushing the bridge and flipping the temple are insane feats.

The bridge is confirmed twice the weight of the Golden Gate Bridge. His injured state after fighting Baldr is something that has never happened in the series except for in GoWII when his powers were drained and he was crushed by the Colossus of Rhodes.

No other encounter has left him so drained, not even his fights with Zeus. It was just a way of speaking, period. That particular line clearly suggests that Kratos is growing weary, or the adventure is weighing on him.

So what is your interpretation of that line? You cant downvote all you want, doest mean you are right here. Second please do not put words on my mouth, it seems to be obvious what I was tring to explain.

Again, is a way of speaking, it doesnt mean is literal. Is not that he getting weaker or that his strenght is about to cut off.

Cant explain you any better because thats what it is. I deff think Zeus would be able to take on Thor. For one Zeus would probably be tactically smarter in a fight.

From what I understand, Thor is just bloodthirsty and his main strategy is just to Leroy Jenkins all his fights. Secondly, from what I know about Thor, he seems overly reliant on his hammer.

While Zeus had the blade of Olympus, we have deff seen he is no where reliant on it. Since Zeus does not have a crutch like Thor does, it tells me he has a much better mastery of the power of lightning.

All in all I would give that fight to Zeus. Odin vs Zeus, I no idea. I kind of agree with the others in this thread that straight fight it might be Zeus but Odin is cunning so any prep time at all goes to him.

Without invulnerability, Baldr would not hold his own with the other Gods. He seems he would be on the level of that of Hermes. Super fast, but if you catch him and he does not have invulnerability, he is kind of fucked.

Corey said the first fight with him and Baldr was him more shaking off the rust I mean think about how long it would have been since he fought a God.

While he is older he also still demonstrates some feats of strength that are on par with his younger self flipping the temple for example.

Additionally, has never been able to defeat a god on his power alone, so him using runes and magic is not a measure of him being weaker. In the third game he needed all the armor and weaponry of the gods he defeated to kill Zeus, so he has never been able to do it with just strength.

I am sure the sequels will shed light on all this though. If he sticking around he will stay just as strong. If he is passing the mantle to his son, he will probably get weaker.

The strength that made him powerful enough to kill the Hydra monster, but that he said himself was not nearly enough to kill a greek god.

In other words GoW 3 kratos couldve one shotted baldur. I took it as Hades soul was trapped in the claws. Depends on how strong they write him.

I believe when he sacrificed his eye for wisdom and hanged himself to gain the Runes greatly enhanced his power. So in my opinion, base Zeus is stronger than base Odin, however after Odin went through the horrifically painful process of obtaining the Runes his power far surpassed that of Zeus.

Unlike Zeus, Odin seems to hide the true extent of his power, much like Palpatine did. But all of this is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong.

But of course this would be in vain. Odin sounds like Odie, as in Garfield. I still kinda hope zues and Odin are the same dude.

Baldur, who is supposedly fifth strongest in the norse pantheon behind Tyr, Ullr, Hel, Thor and Odin almost beat Kratos technically he probably beat him several times if you play on hard mode and have to try multiple times.

If Kratos faces Thor im going to be pretty dissapointed if Kratos manages to beat him which he will because plot armor and plot strenghts as according to the myths Thor has done some feats of strenght even Kratos hasnt, like oblitterating mountains and millions of monsters in one hit, lifting the world serpent who is way bigger than any titan from the greek side, and when he battled Jormungandr their fight could be felt through dimensions.

In any case Odin is vastly more powerfull than Zeus at least in Marvel, in just mythology its hard to say. In God of War its impossible to say as there has been no showing of Odin or Thors powers.

I just hope they dont make Kratos kill thor with his own hammer. My thing with that is that Thor seems over reliant on mjolnir.

Zeus does not have a crutch like that and to me that tells me he has a much better mastery of the power of lightning and thunder than does Thor.

Sure Zeus has the Blade of Olympus but the games have shown us that he is in no way reliant on that weapon, not how Thor is with his hammer.

In no way is thor above zeus. Thor needs 3 magical items just to be a thunder god. Zeus has all of the above natural born and is the king of olympus.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. After drinking from the waters, he escapes, and is reborn as an adolescent, with Hercules and Athena realizing the reborn Zeus needs to be hidden from Hera.

Upon meeting Thor, he is convinced that Hercules himself has virtues. He battles Amazon warriors alongside Quicksilver before being captured by Typhon.

Before she is able to do so, Typhon reveals that he is now free from her control. Hera and Zeus try to kill him with their lightning but it is reflected back and Hera is killed.

Typhon reveals he is wearing the Aegis breastplate and slays Zeus as well. The souls of the two gods are seen in the company of Thanatos , reunited and being taken to the underworld.

During the Chaos War storyline, Zeus, Hera, and Ares are among the dead characters that Pluto releases in order to help defend the underworld from Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

Zeus quickly knocks Galactus to the ground through a massive thunderbolt and physical attacks. Bruce Banner, due to his family being crucial in fighting to save the universe and taking severe damage doing so, appeals to Hercules to help heal A-Bomb and cure Red She-Hulk of her insanity.

After this fails, Zeus engages Hulk and manages to severely beat him in single combat, whereupon he tortures the already fallen fighter by letting vultures continuously eat him alive in a similar manner to Prometheus , while gloating that Hulk was "whining" and that his intended self-sacrifice for his friends was the "wrong religion.

Zeus assumes the form of Storm as a disguise for one of his mating with mortal women. Zeus belongs to an extra-dimensional race of extraterrestrials known both among themselves and to mortals as the Olympians, also known simply as the Greek gods, Greco-Roman gods, or the Roman gods.

Zeus possesses power on a cosmic scale surpassing those of any other Olympians and is the equal of beings such as Galactus , the Celestials , the Stranger and Odin.

His super-speed allows him to run and fly at speeds surpassing the speed of sound and possibly reaching orbital speed , though he is not exclusively a speedster like the mutant Quicksilver or his son the Messenger God Hermes, who is considerably faster than Zeus in the same way Hercules is stronger; his stamina allows him to exert himself rigorously for hours, possibly days, without tiring.

Zeus is virtually immortal in the sense that he does not age, is immune to all known diseases and Earthly toxins, and cannot be killed through conventional means.

He, like all Olympians, can regenerate at an accelerated pace and possesses some resistance to magic due to his divine, otherworldly nature and inborn resilience.

Zeus possesses the ability to manipulate vast amounts of cosmic and mystical energy for a variety of purposes, including temporary augmentation of his superhuman physical abilities, firing powerful bolts of electrical force energy, changing his shape and size at will, opening and closing inter-dimensional apertures, sending himself and others through these dimensions, creating mountains, granting superhuman abilities and properties to living beings or inanimate objects, and the power to generate great amounts of electrical energy and discharge it as lightning bolts.

Zeus possesses limited precognitive abilities that allow him to glimpse various alternate futures. Zeus is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having thousands of years of experience at his disposal, and is virtually invincible in hurling lightning bolts.

Zeus wields Olympian weaponry made by Hephaestus from virtually indestructible adamantine, and sometimes rides in a mystical chariot drawn by magical horses capable of flight and traversing the dimensions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.

Odin vs zeus - have

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